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Renters Insurance

Benefits of Renters Insurance

If you’re renting an apartment, condo, home, or some other dwelling, it is important to protect your belongings. A rented residence could be destroyed by a fire or other catastrophe. Theft, vandalism and other criminal activity can also affect your abode. Renters insurance is a great way to guard against financial loss. Some landlords even require tenants to purchase coverage, but if not, it still makes sense to obtain coverage.

Renters insurance covers the personal belongings inside the residence. If your furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing or other items are damaged or destroyed, then coverage will provide compensation. Theft and vandalism are covered as well. But carefully review the types of damages covered before finalizing any policy purchase.

Take note of the value of your belongings. This will help you purchase suitable coverage for the value of your contents. After purchasing coverage, document your contents by taking photos or creating a video. This will help if you need to file a claim.

A deductible is due any time you file a claim. You can choose a reasonable deductible when you buy your coverage. To reduce the chance of paying costs out of your own pocket, you might want to choose a higher limit. In any case, choose a deductible that you will have no trouble paying should you need to file a claim.