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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance is Beneficial

Motorcycle insurance is important for anyone who owns a motorcycle. Coverage is similar to what you’d get with car insurance, but there are differences. Like with car insurance, you can choose to get only liability or more comprehensive coverage. Motorcycle insurance covers you when you cause an accident. It also covers you when you are in an accident caused by someone who doesn’t have insurance.

Coverage also helps following theft or vandalism if you have comprehensive coverage. Additional equipment and accessories can be covered as well. That means you can make upgrades to your motorcycle and they will be covered if damaged.

Some insurance companies also offer lease/loan gap insurance. In addition to paying the value of the bike should it be destroyed, it will also pay what you owed on a loan or lease. And guest motorist insurance covers towing and labor expenses.

If your motorcycle is damaged and needs repairs, coverage might pay for a rental. This will save you from paying for a rental vehicle out of your own pocket. But most importantly, most states require insurance for all vehicles, including motorcycles. So it’s likely you must have motorcycle insurance in order to drive on public roads.