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Bethel Trails Farm

Pastured meat and poultry

Bethel Trails Farm is a small family farm located in Gray Court, SC. All of our animals are raised and finished on pasture without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Our ducks, chickens, and turkeys are free range on pasture, and our cows, pigs, and lambs are also in their natural environment.

All of the feed that we use for poultry and pigs is a non-GMO feed. Our cows and lambs are pasture-raised and finished. Bethel Trails Farm was established in 1999 by the Ellis family.

As a member of Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, we support the concept of local, sustainable farming which is beneficial for the economy as well as the environment.

Bethel Trails is proud to sell our pastured meat and poultry to local and regional restaurants. We also sell directly to the public. Although available year-round, during the summer you can find our products at the Simpsonville Farmers Market. Our pastured meat & poultry products include pork, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, and turkey (Thanksgiving only!).

During the winter, we host monthly farm days. We invite the public to see how our pastured meat and poultry products are raised during this time. Please come see for yourself that our animals live in a comfortable and sustainable environment. We are always happy to answer customer questions. Learning more about where your pastured meat and poultry products are raised is good for you, the environment, and the economy.

2302 Friendship Church Rd

Gray Court, SC 29645

Phone: (864) 915-6064